TLC offers advising and assistance services dedicated to entrepreneurs and new promoters

TLC offers a wide range of services adaptec to entrepreneur’s needs in the setting up of his
business which allows to benefit from the expertise of our experts

The domains of experience of our experts

  • The market research and business plan
  • Looking for a professional finance
  • Formalities fulfillment of company constitution
  • Optimzing earn more various advantages on financial, fiscal and social level
  • The preparaton of periodic and annual financial statement
  • The preparation of payroll and payslips
  • The preparation and the presentation of payroll
  • The elaboration of consolidated accounts
  • Assistnace in discussion with external and internal auditors where applicable
  • The elaboration of social and fiscal statements
  • Assistance during fiscal or social audit
  • The bookkeeping and other various services

Our services also cover the following specialities

  • Diagnosis and evaluation of companies
  • Merger, divestment and restructuring firms.
  • Research and development of partnership.
  • Writing transfer protocols and shareholder agreements.